Beautiful firm breasts without implants?

Weight changes, pregnancy, congenital malformation, size growth: the shape and size of the female breast is subject to various influences. With plastic aesthetic surgery, the breast can be given a naturally firmer appearance.

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Whether it is necessary to use implants or a patient’s own breast tissue suffices (fatty tissue and glandular tissue) to form a naturally beautiful breast depends on individual factors and also on personal preference: do we deal with breast enlargement, breast lifting or breast reduction? Is it possible to use a combination of different procedures to achieve the desired breast shape? If it is necessary to use implants, which type, form and position of implants can be used? Are there any risks associated with the use of implants? If one already has implants, should these be exchanged and what are the alternatives?

There are many ways to give the breasts a more beautiful appearance, but there are still limits to what plastic aesthetic surgery can do. We will decide together during a consultation which methods are best suited to your case.

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Example of breast shaping without implants (before)
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Example of breast shaping without implants (6 weeks later)
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Example of breast shaping without implants (5 years later)