Plastic surgery for improved attitude
and self-awareness:
feel safer, more natural & beautiful.

Dr. David Lumenta

Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive

Plastic surgery is more than just cosmetic surgery: plastic surgeons employ various techniques, including non-surgical ones, to improve form and function of your body. I offer you my selection of special techniques of modern plastic surgery. For a better attitude and improved self-awareness, we determine the treatment best suited to your needs in an outcome-oriented and straightforward approach during an individual consultation – in Graz or online.

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Surgical and non-surgical treatment options to choose from


“Bringing the breast back into natural shape“

Suited to your body we can develop a beautiful appealing aesthetic outcome. If you have had previous breast surgery or would like advice about your breast implants, we can set individual treatment aims. Certain plastic surgery techniques can be applied, depending on preexisting conditions, your own wishes and bodily constitution – also without implants.


“There is almost no task in which we don’t need our hands“.

Snapping, numbness, pins and needles, scars or pain along nerve routes, or even joint pain?

As a trained hand surgeon, my aim is to begin the necessary treatment swiftly and to plan the appropriate follow-up to get your hands back into action as quickly as possible.


“A bright natural refreshed look“

A personalised approach and the modern spectrum of plastic surgery and non-operative techniques: from medical needling, peeling to botox & fillers and your body’s own resources (platelet rich plasma, lipofilling) to operations under local or general anaesthesia.

Adapted to individual needs with the shortest possible downtime, we elaborate a step-by-step approach best suited to you.


“Tackling problem areas step-by-step, without compromising on technique“.

Congenital or acquired deformities can cause aesthetic as well as functional problems. In a consultation we identify which non-operative techniques and which techniques of plastic surgery (body lift, liposuction, autologous tissue filling) apply to you.

plastic surgery plastische chirurgie illustration dL David Lumenta

David Lumenta, Plastic Surgeon in Graz

My task in plastic surgery is to complement my patients’ wishes and ideas with realistic expectations and surgical finesse. Concise advice and precise information are the prerequisites for a successful outcome based on responsibility and professional skills.

From consultation to intervention

Initial consultation: in person or online

Personal data

We collect or complete your personal data.

Presenting complaint

You describe what brings you to me.

Physical examination

Focused on the areas of concern.

Documentation & exams

Photo documentation, findings and treatment plan, ordering of further exams if required.

Intervention & alternatives

We discuss in detail the treatment options.


Procedure & planning

We carry out the treatment and/or plan the next steps.

The initial consultation

Please bring the following with you, printed or in electronic form, if available.


Insurance card (e-Card), identity card or passport.


X-ray, ultrasound, computed tomography / CT, magnetic resonance imaging / MRI


Images from the past
relevant to your request.

Medical documents or IDs

If available, surgical passport / documentation, implant, allergy and anaesthesia ID

Relevant previous documentation

Documents relating to your presenting complaint.


Up-to-date list of prescribed medication.

Your questions about surgical and non-surgical interventions.

Do not hesitate to ask.


Which (non-)surgical techniques apply?


How long does the treatment take?


Will you need any painkillers after the treatment?


How long is the downtime / return to work after the treatment?


What kind of result can you expect?


What are the costs? Does your insurance cover the costs? Does your issue qualify for reimbursement?